9 Year Old is Way More Excited about Vacuums than You

Some might find it odd that this kid likes to collect vacuum cleaners, but hey, they are pretty interesting as a technology piece and have been a part of our history for a while now.

Some interesting facts about this little guy:

  • He helped his grandfather repair vacuums, which helped his interest as a collector
  • His parents used a vacuum to sooth him to sleep as a baby
  • He spends his own money to find and buy rare vacuum models
  • He was given his first vacuum cleaner as a gift for his fourth birthday
  • Part of his collection is a 1930’s Electrolux that he’s entered into a competition to find the oldest working domestic appliance

So, this guy must know a lot about vacuums. What’s his favorite?

‘My favourite is a 1960s Dirt Devil because it’s the best for picking up my Jack Russell dog Jacket’s hairs.’

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