Eureka Hand Held Vacuum on FloorVacuum cleaner reviews, that’s what we do. We help you find the right vacuum cleaner for your scenario.

What makes us so smart when it comes to vacuums? We’re not all that much smarter than anyone else I guess, we just have a lot of experience with buying vacuums.

I’ve been through a lot of vacuums myself, being an owner of cats. I’m always trying to find something better to clean up the cat fur on a regular basis.

Don’t put me on the spot here, I guess, eh? I just like to keep my rugs clean, and I’m sure that you do to.

When it comes to buying vacuums, I’m a believer in buying vacuums that fit your personal situation as specifically as possible. And I also believe in having multiple vacuums. At least if you have to use them often.

I like to have a good upright vacuum available, for the main vacuuming jobs. And I also like to have a small hand held vacuum available, nearby preferably, for spot cleaning. I clean my furniture quite often, since I have cats that like to sleep on my furniture. So it is essential that I have a good hand held for quick furniture vacuuming jobs.

Right now I actually have two hand helds available when I need them, one is a Eureka, the other is a Shark. They both are nice. I like to use the cordless Shark to clean up after the cats on the floors and in the kitchen. I prefer the Eureka for furniture and upholstery. The Eureka hand held can clean cat fur off of cloth on my couches and the blankets on the bed like no other vacuum I’ve ever had.

Anyways, I could go on forever, but I’ll stop. I hope you enjoy the info we have available on the site.

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