Dyson Is Challenging Labeling Policies in the EU

Dyson is coming out and challenging some labeling policies in the EU that they feel are giving consumers misleading information about their products.

The conflict appears to be about how vacuums are tested and rated for performance and energy efficiency.

“Entrepreneur Sir James Dyson, the founder of the Malmesbury-based company, said the EU’s energy efficiency ratings were based on dust-free lab conditions, favouring “old-fashioned technology”.

He said home performance was “very different to that in the laboratory”.

Sir James has pioneered the bagless vacuum cleaner.

From September 2014, all vacuum cleaners sold in the EU will be rated according to their performance and energy efficiency, in an effort to carbon emissions and save energy.

It wants buyers to take the environment into consideration when they are buying household appliances.”

It seems that mostly James feels that the testing conditions in the labs don’t match up with what people encounter in their homes, and therefore are misleading.

I can see how conflicts like this could arise, especially when there seems to be some wildly different technology from many different vacuum brands. What is the best way to test and rate them all with regard to typical user conditions? It sounds like that has yet to be settled.

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