G-tech’s New ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Handheld Vacuum

G-tech seems to be on to something here – they have designed a handheld vacuum, The Multi, that is built to handle the tough detailed work that goes into vacuum cleaning. The market is buzzing that this could rival some of the stuff put out by Dyson.

While I don’t like to put Dyson on a pedestal, this is a good comparison for G-tech.

G-tech has already had the AirRam upright vacuum cleaner on the market for a while, with mixed reviews and feedback, and now they are going to add the Multi to their product lineup.

The market will decide whether or not the G-tech Multi stands up to use by everyday users. It’s not really available in the USA yet, at least I can’t find it online to buy anywhere, it seems to only be available in the UK so far.

It does look like a promising handheld vacuum though, and if it gets good feedback from buyers I will likely pick one up, as I use my handheld vacuum a lot but have never found one that felt better-than-awkward while cleaning.

What are some features that the Multi will have?

  • Powerful motor and high air flow
  • Designed to clean crevices and tough to reach spaces
  • Cordless operation, 22V Lithium Ion battery, 30 minutes of operation time
  • 14 inch extension tube
  • Attachments: Crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and flexible hose
  • Searchlights that illuminate the cleaning area
  • 2 year guarantee

More at: Daily Mail

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