How Many Prototypes Did James Dyson Make Before Perfecting His Technology?

I found this little tidbit of information pretty interesting.

Apparently James Dyson developed his dual cyclone technology over the course of 5 years in his garage. He did this because of frustration with other vacuums he had used. Dyson started out as a consumer of vacuums, and had thoughts that there must be a better way to design vacuums. So he created the bagless technology used in the Dyson vacuums today.

How many prototypes did he make to create his technology? Around 5,000. I haven’t been able to verify the exact number from multiple sources, but this article states that he made 5,127 prototypes.

That’s a lot of dedication to solving a small problem of clogged vacuum bags. But it’s payed off for James greatly, as his vacuums are wildly popular.

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