Review: Eureka Hand Held Vacuum – Model 71B

Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum, 71BAs you may be aware, the Eureka Hand Held Vacuum, model 71B, is manufactured by a company that has a fairly good reputation when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

Did you know that millions of Americans are looking to upgrade ancient vacuum cleaners that simply cannot keep animal hair and dust from accumulating on carpets and in crevices of hardwood floors?

Chances are, if you have an older vacuum cleaner, you will truly be surprised at how much cleaner your floors and furniture will be when you start using a Eureka Hand Held Vacuum.

Product Features

  • 5.5 amp suction – This is ideal if you have loose carpets, or live in an area where extra suction would wreak havoc on humid days.
  • Separate motors for brush and suction – Get as much power as possible for each task for more efficient dirt removal.
  • Bagless filter – Why worry about buying new bags when you can just reuse a canister instead?

Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum with Hose

What buyers like about the product

  • Powerful and responsive. Many customers noted that this particular vacuum cleaner had far more suction power than expected.
  • Lightweight. No matter whether customers were vacuuming in cars or under beds, the lightweight of this appliance was greatly appreciated.
  • Ideal for removing pet hair from floors. People with cats and dogs noted that this vacuum cleaner was very useful for touch ups, even when pets were shedding hair.

Hear it From Buyers:

Claudia Jones – When I first got this vacuum cleaner, I was delighted with its light weight and durability.  Great suction too!

Thomas Reeves – I have three cats, and certainly appreciated the fact that the Eureka Hand Held Vacuum performed well during spring and fall, when my cats shed.

What buyers don’t like about the product

  • Hose suction is weak.  Even though this vacuum cleaner may work well enough with some attachments, it does not have much suction with the hose.
  • Hose clogs easily. Constantly having to remove clogs from the hose proved very irritating to a number of customers.
  • Cord does not stay wrapped around the base. This was a significant concern to several customers that did not want to trip and fall over the cord after the cleaner was stored away.

Hear it From Buyers:

Adam Brown – Even though I like this vacuum cleaner, I was very upset when I almost tripped over the cord when it was supposed to be secured to the base. Very dangerous for me and my children.

Tara Ahmed – I could not believe it when I tried to vacuum with the hose, and not even dust was picked up from a hardwood floor. Very disappointed and returned it immediately.

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Our Recommendations

For the most part, we feel the Eureka Hand Held Vacuum is a great vacuum for those in need of a handheld for spot cleaning and pet cleanup. It may not of much use for routine floor cleaning, but excels in its uses for cleaning upholstery and other unique carpeted situations.

If you need something to detail tight corners, or occasional touchups, it will work for those situations. Overall, we agree with customers that say this is not very comparable to the power of an upright, but it will work where others fail in terms of picking up pet hair or cleaning furniture and stairs.

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