Review: Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum

Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum 2Somehow, sucking out all that dust and dirt around your home seems more fun when you’re doing it with a gorgeous vacuum cleaner. The Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum is undeniably a beauty. But style isn’t the only thing this cleaner can boast about, it definitely goes beyond expectations when it comes to performance too.

Manufactured with Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology, it promises to provide excellent suction power. The LiNX was also designed with your convenience in mind. It’s cordless which means you won’t have to keep re-plugging while cleaning different rooms in your home. It’s probably safe to say that the LiNX has caused many a hearts to flutter. It’s usually rare to develop feelings of lust for a home appliance, but with the LiNX’s sleek looks, anything is possible.


  • Comes with an interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery for fade-free power
  • Powered brushroll (with shutoff), edge cleaning bristles, and wide cleaner mouth
  • Low profile base that helps it reach under furniture and counter edges
  • Fuel gage to show battery life information (comes with Energy Star battery charger)
  • Made with Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology for powerful suction

The Reviews

Not surprisingly, the Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum has made quite a splash among Amazon customers. It garnered a very good average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. There were nearly 900 people who shared their thoughts on this product—84 percent gave ratings of 4 stars and above.

Customers were clearly pleased with its attractive looks, but most of all, they were impressed by its suction power. Sure, this vacuum is not exactly built for very tough jobs, but if you’re looking for something to use every day between major cleaning sessions, this appliance will make an excellent addition to your arsenal of housekeeping tools. It does a great job at picking up pet hair from rugs and carpets, and since you can easily shut off the powered brushroll, it’s easy to transition from carpets to bare floors. The cordless construction of the machine was also another much-loved feature.

Naturally, there were those who didn’t think that the LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum was all that. The short battery life was a common gripe. At most, it only runs for 30 minutes before you need to charge it up again. However, you can buy an extra battery if you don’t mind spending a little more cash. Other customers who gave a low rating questioned the machine’s durability and longevity. There were some who complained that their LiNX units didn’t have as much suction power after a year or two of use.

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All things considered, we think the LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum is a fantastic machine—for as long as you have realistic expectations of it. As mentioned earlier, it’s perfect for quick, everyday clean-ups, but don’t expect it to replace that big, trusty vacuum that you always use for heavy-duty jobs. And with its limited battery life, this probably isn’t the best choice if you have a fairly large home.

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