Review: Hoover Platinum Collection Upright Vacuum with Canister

Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with CanisterA powerful vacuum cleaner doesn’t always have to be heavy enough to break your back when you’re using it around the house. That’s the point Hoover is trying to make with its Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright Vacuum with Canister. It looks just like a regular upright vacuum cleaner, but it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size – a wonderful thing when you’re trying to trudge it up a long flight of stairs.

And just like other Hoover vacuums, this model offers great suction power. It even comes with different accessories so you can easily switch between cleaning hard and soft surfaces. And with its good looks, you definitely won’t mind bringing out this Hoover if things get a little messy at your house party.


  • Lightweight design for easy storage and maneuverability
  • Comes with a powerful 12-amp motor for great suction power
  • Combines direct air-flow technology and wind-tunnel technology to help you pick up more dirt
  • Illuminated fingertip controls, 2 speed settings, and a check-bag indicator
  • Includes a self-sealing bag made with HEPA media, canister vacuum, bare-floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and telescoping wand

The Reviews

As with most Hoover products, the Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright Vacuum with Canister is generally well-liked. It has garnered an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Out of 729 reviewers, 90 percent gave ratings of 3 stars and up. Most people were pleased to find that it truly is lightweight and like most Hoover vacuums, it sucks dust and dirt like a champ. The added canister is also a wonderful feature and the belt (which is usually a problem part for most vacuums) doesn’t slip off or cause problems. It also has an intelligent, user-friendly design. The controls are very accessible and the power cord is long enough so that you won’t have to keep unplugging and re-plugging when cleaning large rooms.

Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister 3As great as this product is at getting rid of dust, a number of customers have complained that it doesn’t work well with thick or high-pile carpets. They say it gets difficult to push the vacuum around and that it tends to leave unsightly tracks. Throw rugs are also quite a challenge to clean. Since this Hoover has powerful suction, it truly sucks up anything that isn’t firmly secured to the floor.

Reviewers who gave very low ratings were very few compared to those who gave glowing feedback. These were usually customers who unfortunately received defective units that would randomly shut off during use. Others complained about unpleasant experiences with Hoover’s customer service reps.

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In conclusion, we think that the Hoover Platinum Collection Lightweight Bagged Upright Vacuum with Canister is a great product inspite of its shortcomings. It obviously doesn’t work that well with high-pile carpets. However, if you have nothing but flat carpets and bare floors in your home, this Hoover is definitely a good investment. Its lightweight design makes it kind to your back, while its powerful motor and smart technology makes it unforgiving on dust and dirt.

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