The Dyson DC56 Hard, A New Mop/Vacuum Combo

Most people probably wouldn’t really think that it’s possible to go out and buy a single cleaning tool that can both mop and vacuum. But with the new Dyson Hard, you can have just that.

Dyson DC56 Hard

To sum it up simply, this is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that has a mop/pad attachment. The mop attachment can be used with standard wet wipes on the market, and it can also use wipes made by Dyson. The unit is battery powered and can last for about 15 minutes on a charge.

This unit has the typical Dyson look, and can be purchased online. Be sure to read the reviews before buying this one, since the reviews are a bit mixed. But if you understand where the reviewers are coming from, you can make a decision on whether or not this is a good vacuum/mop for you and your home.

Read reviews and check pricing here.

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