The New Roomba 880 Makes Big Steps Forward

The word on the street is that the newest Roomba 880 is taking a big step forward for robotic vacuums, with newly designed features and not just minor improvements to existing models.

iRobot is saying that the newest model has 50% better dirt pickup than previous models, and other features such as a larger collection bin and better battery life. The vacuum can be put on a cleaning schedule, and charges itself on the charging station.

The extractor that is on the bottom of this unit is the biggest change. Check out this video to see how it’s different from previous models:

This might be worth looking at if you have been skeptical of robotic vacuums, mainly because this is a turning point for the industry. This model is powerful enough that it might start to turn the heads of those that haven’t really payed much attention to robotic vacuums due to the fact that they can seem kind of gimmicky.

These are great vacuums for everyday cleaning and for cleaning in places that might be more of a pain for you to reach regularly, such as underneath furniture like beds and tables. Are you ready to take a serious look at one of these yet?

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