Vacuum’s Will Loose Power in Europe

It looks like the new energy saving rules for the European Union that are going into effect will be taking a bite out the power in many of the vacuum cleaners on the market.

The new rules are pretty straightforward:

  • New machines cannot have motors exceeding 1600W from September 2014 and on.
  • New machines cannot have motors exceeding 900W from 2017 and on.

On the surface, this might seem like a bit hit to many consumer electronic industries, like vacuum cleaners. Most vacuums on the market currently have around a 1800W motor, with some as powerful as 2200W. So, as you can see, the new rules will take a good bite out of the power that existing vacuums are relying on.

People that are in the manufacturing and cleaning industries argue that the power of vacuums is very important, at least for the current designs and technology trends in most vacuums on the market. I suppose that over time, technologies will change to adapt to the power usage restrictions, maybe focusing on more efficiency and how to squeeze more out of less in terms of wattage.

Read more at the Telegraph.

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